Smart desk moves you between sitting and standing throughout the day

We've been covering standing desks for a long time now because experts quantifiably agree that sitting all day is killing us. We want to be productive while also keeping our bodies healthy. Over the years, there have been several solutions to this from fixed standing desks to adjustable ones, portable desks to ones that convert into shelves.

Lately though, the conversation has shifted from a need to stand more, to a need to move more. Sitting all day is bad for us, but exclusively standing is also not great. We were built to take on many different positions during the day, not stay just in one.

Looking to capitalize on that, Lloyd created what he calls an "active office," that has spots for him to stand, sit and move around while working so that he's never in one position for too long. There are also apps that remind you to stand up or take a break to stretch and move around throughout your work day.

The most high tech and elegant solution though has to be this new smart desk called The Stir Kinetic Desk. Like a Nest Thermostat, the desk learns your daily behaviors and moves between a sitting and standing height regularly throughout the day to keep you moving without...


8 ways to spice up your morning coffee or tea

Take an average cup of coffee or tea to a new tasty level with these quick, easy additions.

Make the cold, dark, wintry mornings a little easier to bear by spicing up whatever hot drink it is that you love. There are plenty of simple ingredients that can turn a regular cup of coffee or tea into something special and unusual, and you’ve probably already got them in the pantry. (Plus, these concoctions will be way cheaper than the fancy drinks at Starbucks.)

Cinnamon: Spoon ground cinnamon directly into your cup or add a stick of cinnamon bark to the coffee filter while brewing. Alternatively, simmer some bark in the water you’ll use to make tea.

Maple syrup: It’s most commonly available in syrup form, but some places sell maple sugar, which has the same flavour. Stir a bit into your hot drink to sweeten it. It’s especially good with milk.

Cardamom: Traditionally used in Turkish coffee preparation, cardamom adds a rich, floral flavour. Stir ground cardamom directly into your prepped cup, or else crush the pods and add to coffee maker or pot of water you’re using to make tea. Other great spices to use are nutmeg and cloves.

Chai spices: Step aside, sickeningly sweet chai lattes....


The best and worst of the Interior Design Show 2015

Every year we hit the big Interior Design Show in Toronto, looking for the latest in good green design. I used to find a lot of it; green and sustainable were words on everyone's lips. There would be whole sections of the show devoted to the subject.

You don't see much of it anymore. Some exhibitors will say it's because "it's baked in now, everybody has it", others will just say its time has passed. All I know is that it makes it hard to do a slideshow, and every year it gets harder.



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