Classic contemporary wooden watches are made with lumber offcuts

Wooden accessories often stand out, above their plastic counterparts, thanks to the natural grain and beauty of the wood. While ensuring that the wood is either sustainably harvested or resourcefully recycled is a big plus, it's also important to keep your greenwash radar on and alert. Creating wooden watches with recycled wood and backed with a "one-for-one" tree-planting program, Analog Watch Co. makes classic, contemporary-styled timepieces that apparently have the "first ever soft and flexible wooden strap."

© Analog Watch Co.
© Analog Watch Co.

The result of months of design experimentation, Analog Watch Co.'s "Carpenter" line of watches are made with lumber off-cuts, natural adhesives and come with recyclable packaging. There are a variety of styles, from dark, ebony-coloured woods, to russets and blonds -- with all of them being offered in either a minimalist watch face, or with hour markings.

© Analog Watch Co.
© Analog Watch Co.

In addition to using recycled wood, the company has also partnered with conservation nonprofit Trees for the Future, implementing a "one-for-one" tree-planting program, where every watch purchased means a tree is re-planted.

© Analog Watch...


Photo: A fuzzy tropical flower with purple polka dots

Our Flickr pool can be a good a crowd-sourcing spot for identifying plants and animals! Commenters helped determine that the species of this cool tropical flower is Kohleria affinis. It was photographed near the Salto de Bordones, a waterfall in Colombia.

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MEC launches a line of Fair Trade Certified clothes

Canadian shoppers will be pleased to hear that Mountain Equipment Co-op (MEC), one of the country’s major outdoor retailers, has recently launched a line of Fair Trade Certified clothing. Women’s short- and long-sleeved cotton shirts are now available for purchase in stores and online, and men’s shirts will be available next spring.


This is a good step in the right direction for a company whose physical stores are committed to green architecture and creating a minimal footprint, but whose highly respected products are still produced exclusively overseas. Fair trade makes a lot of sense for a company that likes to be at the forefront of ethical business practices.

MEC’s clothes are certified by Fair Trade USA, which has spent the past three years developing an apparel standard certification program – a move away from the chocolate and coffee it is best known for. The partnership with Fair Trade USA guarantees independent third-party monitoring of workplace conditions in certified factories. It provides factory management with support for things such as workplace safety training. Employees are given workshops on their rights under Fair Trade standards, how to communicate...



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