Net-zero building unveiled in Brooklyn’s Brighton Beach neighborhood

A ribbon cutting ceremony for a green apartment building was held today in Brighton Beach, on the second anniversary of Hurricane Sandy, which devastated this neighborhood in southern Brooklyn. The date is a symbolic reminder of the importance of building in a way that contributes minimally to climate change and that is resilient in the face of extreme weather events.

Architect Robert Scarano said the building project, called Bright ’N Green, was under construction when the storm hit, but didn’t suffer serious damage. In fact, he said the net-zero building was able to provide power to its neighbors, who ran extension cords to their homes.

© Margaret Badore

The building, which is located along one of Brighton Beach’s alley-like lanes, uses a diverse array of green technologies, in an effort to create a building that can not only generate enough energy to serve its tenants' needs, but to also sell power back to the grid. The building is faced with solar panels and has a geothermal system made by EarthLinked Technologies, and Scarano also plans to install wind turbines. Even without the wind power, Scarano said that the six-apartment building has “a negative $6,000 electricity...


Photo: Ribbons of sunlight cascade through the trees

Our photo contributor Mary Lou Endres writes that this photo was taken at sunrise. It’s a beautiful example of why many photographers call this time of day the "golden hour."

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