Madrid micro-apartment rentals show that good design can be for everyone

There is no shortage of awesome micro-apartments floating around the web--ones with moving walls, ones with nooks featuring crazy-high-quality woodworking and the like. But many of us rent. And while we might be proponents of downsizing and have--in our own estimation at least--fairly refined design sensibilities, we have neither the inclination nor resources to invest the time and money required to transform our temporary digs in such a manner. Which is why I am heartened to see the EnfoKa apartments in Madrid. They are making design-and-eco friendly, affordable rentals in a cool neighborhood, none of which crest 400 square feet.

© EnfoKa micro-apartment

So far, EnfoKa has renovated over 50 apartments, all in the Lavapiés neighborhood, which one of the project's chief developers Wynn Williamson refers to as "Madrid's Lower East Side." While a few of the apartments are around 400 square feet, most are around 200 square feet. EnfoKa's architects and interior designers took pains to make the apartments look and function great. They married many of the old structural elements to modern fixtures, giving it a clean, but unique aesthetic.

The little places have some eco cred: all...


Gorgeous little flatpack cabin in the woods is made from cross-laminated timber

People sometimes complain about TreeHugger's use of slideshows and how it wears out your fingers, but when the photography is this beautiful I can't help but use the larger format that the slideshows allow. And Jonas Adolfsen has made this 17.5 square meter (188 square feet) cabin in Norway look terrific.

It really does push a lot of our buttons, being a minimalist flatpack prefab CLT tiny house.


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